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Mallorca, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a favourite destination for nautical enthusiasts. Chartering a yacht in Mallorca allows you the privilege of enjoying the island effortlessly and from a different perspective, thanks to its easy access from the sea. Mallorca offers an enviable climate, coves and beaches with crystal-clear waters, and infrastructure and services of the highest quality, both on land and at sea. This gives you the freedom to decide which parts of the coast you’d like to sail, as you will find magnificent coves and beaches in every area as well as all the necessary services… more info about Mallorca>>

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Ibiza, in the Mediterranean Sea, is the third largest island in the Balearic archipelago. Despite its reputation of being a party island, Ibiza also offers sailing enthusiasts a host of places with magnificent natural beauty and endless cultural activities. The area has 200 km of impressive coastline, with coves and beaches considered to be among the best in the world. The months of May, June and September are a great time for sailing in Ibiza as there are less tourists and excellent weather conditions… more info about Ibiza>>

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Menorca is the second largest of the Balearic Islands, and is located about 45 miles northeast of Mallorca. The island has managed to remain one of the most unspoilt places in the Mediterranean, and one of the best ways to discover it is from the sea. Its captivating and extensive coastline offers practically virgin beaches and coves where you can find yourself alone even during the summer months. In 1993 Menorca was named a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in an effort to preserve its incredible environmental surroundings… more info about Menorca>>

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Catalonia is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Spain. This destination is known for its great beauty where the old, the new and the avant-garde come together in an amazing way. Catalonia really has it all— including beaches, restaurants, shops, museums as well as exceptional nautical facilities and services. With its long maritime tradition, all its resources are available to sea lovers so they can enjoy its magnificent coastline… more info about Catalonia>>

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