best beaches and coves in mallorca

The best beaches and coves in Mallorca

Discover the most beautiful beaches and hidden coves in Mallorca

The best beaches and coves in Mallorca are a privilege to visit, especially by sea. Dramatic mountain backdrops, stunning crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Sounds like paradise, except for the fact that it is so popular that in the height of the summer places become overcrowded with tourists. This is why we recommend sailing as this way you get to find your own bit of paradise and relaxation whilst enjoying this stunning island.

Palma de Mallorca Is the Cosmopolitan capital of the Balearic Islands. You will be surprised by the history and charm that can be found in the historic old town of Palma. The old town is a maze of cobblestone streets, monuments, palaces and the famous Gothic Cathedral located on the seafront. 

Best beaches and coves on the south coast of Mallorca

Beach el mago

Playa del Mago

Crystal clear waters, white sand, rocky sunbathing areas and plenty of wildlife to enjoy while swimming. There is also a sunken motor yacht for you to find! Just a warning, this beach is a haven for nudists so if this is not your scene, head for the rocks or one of the beaches located on either side. There is a beach bar/restaurant.


Es strenc best beach mallorcaPlaya de es Trenc

With a length of 3000 meters, is a reference to the environmental struggle in Mallorca that mobilized thousands of people against its development in order to preserve this unique space in its natural state. In 1984, it was declared an Area of ​​Special Interest. On the way to Es Trenc, you will see large piles of salt before you come to a paid parking area. There is also a nudist area at the far end of the beach. Services include a beach bar, sun loungers and parasols for hire.

Es caragol top beachEs Caragol

Is one of the most peaceful beaches on the island, this amazing beach is 500 m long and 40 m wide. It is less popular as it is located away from the tourist resorts. There are dunes of fine white sand and very shallow waters for some 200 metres. This beach, located on the southernmost point of the island, can be found after a walk of approximately 1500 metres after having parked at the lighthouse.

santa ponsa beach mallorca islandSanta Ponsa

This vast, sandy beach is some 550 m long and 100 m wide. It is surrounded by hundreds of pine trees and a few palm trees, under which there are picnic areas. This generally English and German tourist area offers all the amenities you could need including restaurants, bars, shops, water sports, lifeguards, sun beds, parasols, pedalos, medical facilities etc.

cala pi cove santanyi

Cala Pi

This is a beautiful beach of 40 m long by 140 m wide with white sandy banks and seabed, located in the residential area of the same name, the Torre de Cala Pi guards the entrance to the cove of Cala Pi and stands at about 19.5 m above sea level. The tower was built after several attacks by the Ottoman Turks in 1543 and was completed in 1663. Sometimes you will find that the beach disappears as the streams returns to its natural state. This magical beach is a must see, and its turquoise waters invite you to take a dive and discover the underwater wildlife.

cala blava cove palma de mallorca

Cala Blava

This area is popular with fishing enthusiasts who enjoy the calm, uncrowded coast of the “Caló de Sa Reina”. The few residents of the area sunbathe on the rocky shore and relax with the view over the bay to the city.



palmanova best beaches and coves in mallorcaPalma Nova

Is located in the municipality of Calvia and includes three large beaches, surrounded by houses, apartment blocks and hotels. Palma Nova was born as a suburb close to Palma and has become one of the main tourist areas of the Balearics. Palma Nova beach is 500 m long and 60 m wide with white sand and sandy seabed. Services include restaurants, bars, lifeguards, water sports, sun beds, pedal boats and beach umbrellas.

calamajor best beaches and coves in Mallorca

Cala Major

Is a beach located in a densely populated area, about 250 meters long and 30 wide. It is very well protected from the north winds , making it an ideal place to bathe during the less warm periods. Marivent Palace, residence of the kings of Spain during their summer holidays, is located in one of the banks of the creek and so, for security reasons, no boats are permitted to anchor. Services include all kinds of bars and restaurants, shops, sun loungers, parasols and pedal boats for rent.

Best beaches and coves on the east coast of Mallorca

cala esmeralda cove

Cala Esmeralda

Is one of the best preserved beaches of the resort, with beautiful blue waters. The hotels and apartments have been built some distance from the beach, preserving part of its original vegetation. This beach is some 20 metres long and 25 metres wide and can be found following the road to Felanitx.


cala ferrera

Cala Ferrera

Despite being integrated into Cala d’Or, belongs to the municipality of Felanitx. The beach is some 60 metres long and 150 metres wide. It gets very busy during the summer thanks to the hotels that can be found directly on the beach. Some of the services you can find are restaurants, hammocks, parasols and pedal boats for rent.

Cala serena in felanitx mallorca

Cala Serena

Is also located within the municipality of Felanitx. This beach with fine white sand is some 20 metres long and 70 metres wide. The right side has maintained its natural beauty with no urban development. On the left you can find a few villas belonging to the residential area of Cala Serena. You will also find various, easily accessible, caves around the cliffs along the coast line.


Cala gran best coves

Cala Gran

Is the largest of Cala d’Or beaches of some 60 m long by 170 m wide, very well protected by the cliffs. Dozens of villas have been built in the surroundings of the beach but most have been well integrated into the landscape. It is very popular with both tourists and locals thanks to its central location behind the Plaza Ibiza. Services: Restaurants, children’s play park, showers, toilets, pedaloes, sunbeds and umbrellas for rent.

cala murada mallorca

Cala Murada

This beach is 110 m long and 70 m wide. It has fine white sand and some low cliffs on the right side, on which a few houses have been built. A small pond has formed at the back of the beach from the water that gathers from the torrent des Fangar. This beach is located in the resort of Cala Murada, between Porto Cristo and Porto Colom. Services: restaurants, beach bar, lifeguards, showers, hammocks and parasols for rent.

cala antena top cove

Cala Antena

Is a small beach also located in the resort of Calas de Mallorca. On the right side of the beach you will notice high buildings and cliffs while the left side is lower with no tourist buildings. Services: an outdoor bar, hammocks and parasols for rent.


 s´illot east side mallorca


Also known as Cala Moreia, has a length of 350 meters by 35 meters wide and is very busy during the summer months. On the right side there is a small open space used as a jetty, while the mouth of the river N’Amer has formed a pond on the other side. Services include bars and restaurants, lifeguards, hammocks, umbrellas and pedal boats for rent.

cala marsalCala Marcal

This beach offers fine white sand and is located in the residential area of Porto Colom. It is surrounded by low-rise cliffs and is some 90 m long and 150 m wide. Services include restaurants, hammocks, umbrellas, pedal boats for rent and ample parking space.


es marmols virgin beach

Es Marmols

Is an unspoilt sandy beach. It tends to be quiet as there is a 2500m walk to reach it. But it is worth it to enjoy this virgin beach with crystal clear waters.


top beaches and coves mallorca calo d´es moro

Calo d´es Moro

This is a beautiful area surrounded by pine trees between the cliffs of considerable height, hindering access. The beach is 40 m long and 18 m wide, with a sandy bottom and beautiful blue waters. The beach does not offer much room to sunbathe as fallen rocks are scattered over the sand. Even if you don’t wish to make the trek down to the sea, it is worth visiting this place, to see its unspoilt beauty.


cala llombard best coves and beaches mallorcaCala Llombards

The beach of is very well looked after with 45 m long and 130 m wide of fine white sand. A residential area has been developed in Cala Llombards but it has been cleverly integrated into the landscape, and does not cause over crowding on the beach during high season. You will find some traditional buildings used by Mallorquin fishermen to store their boats and fishing gear. There is a small island a little way out to sea known as Es Pontàs. Services include a restaurant and an outdoor bar, loungers and umbrellas for rent, parking area.

s´ amarador best beaches and coves in mallorca


Is a virgin beach belonging to Mondragó Natural Park. It is 160 m long and 50 m wide. It has fine sand and is surrounded by a pine forest, with dunes covered by vegetation in the back. To the right of the coast there is a traditional building used by fishermen to store their boats and fishing gear. The road to the Natural Park of Mondragó is well sign posted in the villages around Santanyi.

cala mondrago

Cala Mondragó

Despite being within the nature reserve of Mondragó, this is not a virgin beach, with some buildings, a hotel and a restaurant. Here is a children’s playground in the shade with a picnic area towards the back of the beach. Here you will find the information centre for the park explaining the flora and fauna to be found. A tourist train trip from Cala d’Or will leave you at the beach. Services include a restaurant, showers, sun loungers, parasols and pedal boats for rent.

 cala llombards cove on the east side mallorca

Cala Llombards

Is located on the grounds of the Son Amer estate. It is one of the most beautiful bays on the island and therefore it is not uncommon to encounter a large number of boats anchored close to the beach. It is a peaceful area and although there are a few houses and developments, most of these are second homes. “Es Pontás” can be found near the cove, a picturesque landmark where a large rock forms a bridge in the middle of the sea.

Best beaches and coves on the north coast of Mallorca

best beaches and coves in mallorca cala agulla Cala Agulla

Is a beautiful cove with special charm and open sea views worth visiting. The strange thing about this beach is the speed with which the tide rises and falls depending on the wind direction. This Natural Park offers a car park for approximately 5 euros per car but you are able to park in town, just some 5 minutes walk away. There are 3 beach bars along this beach.

cala mesquida in cala ratjada

Cala Mesquida

Stands out for its well preserved dunes that can be found to the back of the beach, always parallel to the wind. The area is not too over constructed, with a holiday club, hotel offering bungalows, a restaurant and a beach bar. The only downside to this beach is that the waves often cause the lifeguard to close the beach for a short time. Other than that, it offers total peace and tranquility.

 cala torta balearic islands

Cala Torta

This amazing cove is located in Arta and is some 130 meters long by 220 meters wide. This secluded cove with stunning, crystal clear waters is one of the most famous family nudist beaches in Europe.


cala san vicente

Cala de Sant Vicenç

This cove is surrounded by café´s, restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops and chemists. This is the perfect beach for family holidays as it’s quite small but with every amenity you might need to hand.


son serra de marina best beaches and coves mallorca

Son Serra de Marina

Son Serra de Marina is a quite little coastal town in North Mallorca. Is one of the top beaches and coves in Mallorca for surfers and kite surfers. This wild beach is 450 m long and 150 m wide offering a white sandy beach. There is a beach bar/restaurant call ” El Sol” offering Chill-out rhythms, delicious cocktails, diverse menus over the whole day, comfortable sofa terrace with incredible sea view surrounded by a great mountain scene.


We hope our guide to some of the best beaches and coves in Mallorca will help you make the most of your time here. View our charter boats in Mallorca>>


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