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The best coves to anchor in Ibiza

To make the most of your stay, the best options for yacht charter in Ibiza

If you want to know the best coves to anchor in Ibiza, you have arrived at the ideal place. We have selected the coves preferred by the majority of users who agree in their recommendations.

In Ibiza there is a high demand for yacht and sailboat charter. When you arrive at this beautiful paradisiacal place, you can notice that different types of boats harmoniously surround the island, inviting you to enjoy Ibiza in a very different way. Among these boats are sailboats, yachts, gulets… In this fabulous and appreciated is possible to combine a walk by the imposing sea and by land, to live an unforgettable experience.

Sailing in Ibiza to anchor in the best coves

If what you are looking for is to take advantage of the landscapes of Ibiza without being surrounded by many tourists around. You definitely need to look for a charter in Ibiza.

Sailing lovers know how comforting and pleasant it is to savors the coast from the boats, it is an exclusive and special way to admire Ibiza.

Chartering a boat you can visit the best coves and beaches in Ibiza, without the need for overcrowding and from a better view. Tranquilly appreciate the beauty of the island’s coves with yacht charter in Ibiza. You are surely one of those people who likes to spend a lot of time onboard, surrounded by a wonderful and safe environment, both for you and for the people who accompany you.

That’s why you can’t stop visiting the coves, to anchor in a place truly full of charm.

port roig

Port Roig

We begin this tour with one of the preferred coves for anchor in Ibiza, Cala de Port Roig. Enjoy a nice anchorage in this beautiful, quiet and wonderful place.

It is perfect for anchoring as it is a very well protected area from the winds. It requires the use of a probe from 5 meters to 10 meters, in sand and a bottom rich in algae.


cala salada ibiza best coves and beaches for boat rental

Cala Salada

Located in San Antonio, beautiful cove that hides among rocks. Cala Salada is not normally visited by many tourists, which makes it the perfect place for sailing yacht charter in Ibiza.

This cove is surrounded by magnificent vegetation and fine sand, details that make Cala Salada the ideal place for relaxation and of course to anchor. You just have to be careful with certain rocks a few meters deep.

Live the best experience with the great variety of sea creatures that can be seen in its crystal clear waters, enjoy a night full of stars and even a walk along the beach.

best caves and beaches ibiza yachts for charter

Cala Bassa

When choosing Ibiza as the next tourist destination, it is obligatory to visit Cala Bassa. It’s widely known. During the day you can enjoy the soft and fine sand, its crystal clear waters and the wonderful environment.

Beautiful bottoms where rocks and seaweed stand out await you to practice diverse aquatic activities. You can also visit their restaurants and bars.

cala portixol

Cala Portixol

Thanks to the small number of tourists, Cala Portixol is ideal for luxury yachts charter in Ibiza. It is a quite small cove so tourist boats do not enter this area.

Cala Portixol welcomes the magnificent fishing boats, its perfect rocks and sand bottom stand out, perfect characteristics to anchor at 5 metres depth.


best coves for anchor ibiza yacht rentals

Cala Llonga

Although it is a very popular cove in Ibiza mainly in the summer, it is ideal for anchoring 8 meters deep with beautiful seaweed and sand bottoms.

Why is it perfect for anchor your charter yacht? Simply because it is a divinely sheltered entrance from the winds, except for the winds between southeast and northeast, because here they enter strongly. 300 meters from the entrance is the best place to anchor, on the fine sand.

coves and beaches in ibiza motor yachts

Cala Conta

In order for you to fully enjoy this magnificent place on your next sightseeing trip, you can’t help but visit one of the island’s best anchorage coves, its crystal clear waters and wonderful sand are perfect to enjoy on a boat. Approximately the anchoring area has a depth of about 5 meters.

A cafeteria and various restaurants are also waiting for you in Cala Conta, so that you can savour the traditional dishes of the area and take with you a nice souvenir of Ibiza.

coves for anchor ibiza yacht charter cala vedella

Cala Vadella

Another perfect cove for anchoring is Cala Vadella, which is also known as Cala Badella. It is a quite deep place, which is sheltered by beautiful hills populated by pines, is considered one of the most secure coves.

Between 3 and 4 meters deep, the anchorage must be carried out. Sometimes two anchors are required to anchor between algae and fine sand. During the summer period Cala Vadella is widely requested.

They permanently have mooring buoys, have a mouth 200 meters wide and then form a hideout that protects from various winds. Here you can find various services and is usually quite lively and noisy in summer.

best coves cala moli ibiza luxury  yacht charter

Cala Molí

Finally, we suggest Cala Molí to anchor. In this beautiful beach stands out the delicate sand and the enormous cliffs that surround it, both perfect aspects to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

It is possible to anchor at a depth of approximately 5 meters. Rarely too busy, Cala Moli is the perfect beach to enjoy any time, all year around.

Recommendations for anchoring in Ibiza

It is fundamental from the nautical point of view, to take into consideration the direction of the wind, this way the boat will be more protected and comfortably anchored to leeward.

In the island of Ibiza the east wind predominates during the summer, for that reason it is suggested to visit the zones located in the west side of Ibiza. During the winter season it happens, on the contrary: normally the wind comes from the west, so during the winter we recommend sailing in the east of the island.

The best coves of Ibiza are waiting for you to anchor

As you can see there is a wide variety of options for anchoring in Ibiza. Each one of these coves awaits you to enjoy its magnificent sandy bottoms and seaweed, crystalline waters that catch your senses.


We hope our guide to some of the best coves to anchor in Ibiza will help you make the most of your time sailing in this amazing island.

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