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Top sailing routes in Menorca

Menorca is the second biggest island from the Balearic Islands...

Menorca is a very popular place where millions of tourists go every year to enjoy the holidays and relax on its beautiful beaches. Even though the island is not too big, most visitors don’t have enough time to explore all the incredible places of the island, so one of the best ways to visit is by boat. This gives you the freedom to move and explore at your own pace and allows you to visit the most secret and remote areas of the island that not everybody can get to.

We could say that Menorca has two areas. The north of the island, near the capital Mahon, is a rocky area, with mountains, and the shore is craggy with reddish sand. The south of the island is characterized by hills, pine forests, and golden beaches with white sand. These two zones can give you an idea of how to sail around the island, and depending on what you like or what you want to see, you can choose a route to the north or the south of the island. 

In Menorca, you can find 4 different marinas, harbors, and moorings which are: Ciudatella Marina, Mahon Harbour, Fornells Harbour and Ribera del Puerto Marina. From these points you can plan a sailing route easily, going to the north or south of the island. Let’s take a look at the best sailing routes in Menorca that you can find. 

Best sailing routes in Menorca 

As we mentioned, most sailing routes focus on going to the north or the south of the island. These are the most popular sailing routes that you can take in Menorca. 

1.  Sailing route south part

ciudadella best sailign routes in menorcaIf you love the white sand and beautiful natural beaches, then you need to explore the south. From Ciudatella you can explore the southwest of the island in just one week. th First, we leave Ciudatella in the direction of Cala en Bosch, which is filled with activities to relax and enjoy. The beach is spectacular and it is one of the favorite bathing places for sailors. Then, the next day, we will go in the direction of Son Saura, and in your path, you can spot many beautiful bays where you can pause for a while and take a bath. 

On our third day, we will go to Cala Galdana, which is a magical stop that you don’t want to miss. In here you can find incredible restaurants, hotels, and places to spend a wonderful night. Leaving Galdana on day 4, we will go to Son Bou, and on your way don’t forget to make a stop in Mitjana, one of the most popular beaches on the island. Day 5, we will go in the direction of Cala en Porter, a white soft sand beach where you can relax since it’s perfect for mooring. If you are up for a fun night, you can visit the nightclubs that are around. 

In our 6 day, we will leave Porter to go to Maó-Mahón, the capital of the island. Since it is the capital, it is more crowded and citified than Ciudatella, so you can anchor and explore the wonderful city around. There are many incredible places here, so we recommend you to stay at least a couple of days. Finally, our route ends on day 7-8, sailing from Maó-Mahón to Port d’Addaia and then Ciudatella. Ille Gran d’Addaya is a place that you can’t miss if you like diving and practicing snorkeling. 

2. Sailing route north part

mahon port To explore the mountain and rocky side of the island, then you need to go to the northeast part. We will start at Maó-Mahón to Es Grau, where there is a small port. This is a little town with so much charm and magic, and a rich beautiful beach that you need to visit. Then, on day 2, we will go from Es Grau to Addaya. On your way, you will be able to see the rocky coastline and the deep flora of the island. Addaya is a marine that doesn’t accept yachts after sunset, so be aware of this. But, if you are a fan of snorkeling and diving, then Addaya is a must. 

We will leave Addaya on day 3 and head to Fornells. There are many beaches and small coves along the route, so take a break and take a bath. Fornells is quite close, and you will spot the entrance of the port quickly. The port only accepts a maximum of 12 meters yachts. On day 4 we will leave Fornells port to Patges de Fornells, the other half of the peninsula where you can find so many entertainments and fun activities. 

Day 5, and we will be headed to Cala Pregonda, a beautiful bay full of reefs, clear water, and golden sand. It is almost a virgin island and there are no buildings around, so it is a great place to relax and disconnect for a while. On day 6, we will head to Cala Morell, which is filled with a rich marine, wonderful restaurants, and coffee houses, perfect to keep relaxing and distress. 

Finally, on day 7, we will leave Cala Morell in the direction of Cala en Bosch, which is a wonderful city with so much life, entertainment activities, and more. It is the favorite bathing place for sailors, so take your time and enjoy the bay. 


* No matter what route you take, we can assure you that you will be able to explore and enjoy the deepest, beautiful, and rich places of the island. This is the benefit of sailing, you can truly take your time to discover the entire island in the most wonderful way. So, plan your next holidays and prepare to sail with the best routes in Menorca! Discover our yachts for charter in Menorca.

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