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Celebrate your wedding and other events on charter yachts

To celebrate a special event, especially if it is a wedding ceremony, you can do it in a really spectacular and romantic place: Ibiza or Mallorca, in an elegant and sophisticated charter yacht

Offer your guests and couple a memorable experience that includes sea, fresh breeze, fun, beautiful sunsets and maximum fun. Do not hesitate to charter a yacht and enjoy the best views of the Mediterranean Sea.

To celebrate your wedding in a yacht in seasons with good weather, will be the best option since magnificent events can take place in a fun, relaxed and natural environment. The choice of yacht to charter will basically depend on the style of the event or wedding ceremony, as well as the number of guests who will attend this type of special event.

In the options for celebrating your wedding on a yacht are diverse, you have the opportunity to choose between renting a luxury yacht up to a sailing catamaran. Let’s see below the best options you can have in consideration, especially if you have already decided for the beautiful scenery and pleasant climate of the Balearic Islands.

Wedding on yacht charter in Mallorca

events and weddings on charter and rental yachts mallorca ibiza menorcaIf you are one of the people who dreams of celebrating an unforgettable and magnificent wedding on a yacht in Mallorca, we understand your dream because this wonderful place concentrates magnificent and attractive landscapes of mountains and beaches.

The island of Mallorca is the perfect place for those who love nature and are looking for a dream place to celebrate their wedding and other special events, such as birthdays, farewells, etc..

You can enjoy the beauty of Mallorca’s wonderful coasts, as well as a great intimate celebration in a beautiful and luxurious yacht. Definitely, the Mediterranean Sea offers an attractive setting full of thousands of possibilities.

You have the chance to celebrate your wedding on a yacht, but it is also possible to prepare the ceremony on a catamaran, everything will depend on your wishes.

In Mallorca you have at your disposal different possibilities for the total enjoyment, after carrying out the wedding ceremony. The companies that rent yachts and boats in Mallorca, focus on offering just marrieds the best service for the event to be perfect.

You can choose a beautiful yacht that has enough capacity to accommodate the group of guests; some charters even offer open bar, as well as events that include catering and professional crew service. You will definitely have an unforgettable event with the beautiful views of the sea, the breeze, crystal clear waters, etc.

While it is true that your wedding on a yacht charter in Mallorca requires a significant investment, it is worthwhile as it is a truly important ceremony; a yacht can bring a special and unforgettable touch.

Not only can you hold a wedding ceremony, but you can also prepare yacht charter events in Mallorca on other important occasions, such as bachelor parties.

Wedding on yacht charter in Ibiza

weeding and events charter boats ibiza Ibiza, the beautiful white island is one of the favorite places for foreigners and Spaniards to celebrate unforgettable weddings. Basically because the climate, the culture, the cuisine and the coast of this incredible place passionate all kinds of people.

In addition, the natural elements harmonize perfectly to live truly unforgettable and pleasant moments. If you want to enjoy a majestic wedding ceremony and have all your guests remember for a long time, one of the best ideas is to choose to organize your wedding on a yacht.

Although yachting weddings do not seem to offer many alternatives, they do not. Currently you can choose from several packages, perfectly configured to give you everything you need and have the best event of your life.

A magnificent welcome cocktail, organize the guests, music, catering service, open bar, floral arrangements, projections among others. In short, all the details you’ve always dreamed of will be perfectly planned.

If you decide to rent a yacht in Ibiza, the companies in charge of organizing this kind of events in this type of boats, focus on having everything available for guests and newlyweds to enjoy this celebration.

After a great welcome it is time to start the party with a snack or a welcome aperitif. It is the best way to make each of the participants feel that they really are in a wonderful wedding on a luxurious yacht.

A luxurious and distinguished way to celebrate your wedding

Choosing the option of renting a yacht in Ibiza is the most luxurious and interesting way to organize meetings or parties surrounded by the wonderful landscapes of the sea.

One of the greatest advantages of this type of boat is the large surface area for the total enjoyment of every sumptuous detail on the yacht, as they are comfortable, large and you will definitely feel at home.

Prefer to rent a yacht for your wedding or special event in Ibiza, as it offers you incredible advantages, unlike banquets and lounges where your guests will probably feel crowded.

The yachts mostly have elegant lounges, large terraces with perfectly distributed details so that your guests or guests can enjoy in complete freedom.

For this and other important reasons, if you are going to celebrate a special event or wedding very soon and expect to have a truly unique moment, don’t hesitate to rent a yacht in Ibiza.

For a formal wedding in Ibiza, the best thing is to rent a yacht.

If you are thinking of having a formal ceremony, the best thing to do is to charter a yacht.

Basically because these luxurious and magnificent ships make it easy to organize an exclusive atmosphere for both the banquet and the ceremony. Some packages even offer the option of staying overnight for a certain number of people, thus extending the enjoyment of the event all night long.

Not only can you celebrate yacht weddings, opting for yacht charter allows you to prepare birthdays, bachelor parties and business events, incorporating nautical moments that include diving, ballooning, swimming, etc…

On the day of your wedding ceremony or any special event, you can navigate in a magnificent sea of emotions, renting a yacht in a landscape perfectly framed by the wonderful Mediterranean views.


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