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Why choose a rental catamaran in Mallorca for your next holidays?

In this post we will tell you all the advantage and benefits of choosing a catamaran for charter.

Your vacations are coming up and you want to go the extra mile and charter a catamaran in Mallorca. This is a good idea because you can take all your family, have a different adventures and enjoy the sea at the same time, but you are still not sure if that is the best idea or if you should plan a normal vacation. Don’t worry, it is a normal doubt, especially if you don’t know if it is worth the money.

A lot of people have the same question. They want to know what they can expect from the catamaran, if the experience is worth it and if it is the best decision for the holidays. You are not alone! So, to answer all the possible questions and clear all your doubts, in this post we will tell you all the advantage and benefits of choosing a catamaran.

Benefits of rent a catamaran in Mallorca

As we mentioned before, it is pretty common that some people want to know what they can expect from the catamaran. Normally, people used to choose monohull yachts to go sailing, but now catamarans are incredibly popular and it is preferred because of its stability, speed, more space and activities. So, if you want to know more about catamarans, take a look at all the benefits you can perceive:

1. Space, space and more space

One of the greatest advantages of the catamaran is that you can have more space. If you are used to monohull boats, then you will be gladly surprised with all the space you can have with 2 hulls. Not only you have more space to walk and hang out, but you can take even more people with you.

This also means that you can have more privacy. Since there is so much space, you can travel with another family and you won’t have any issue with it. You barely will see them in the common areas. Also beneficial for bigger families or if you want to take a lot of kids because they can explore a lot in the boat.

2. Stability

Another great advantage of the catamaran is that are more stables than monohulls. When is anchored, the movement is not intense and it feels more upside and down instead of side to side, which is great for people who gets sea sickness.

Also, normally you would be sailing in a 40 degrees angle in a monohull, but with the catamaran you can do it in a comfortable 10 degrees or even less. This make everything more comfortable, because the items won’t be moving or falling off counters.

3. Anchoring

Catamarans have a shallow draft, which allows you to anchor or cruise in places that monohulls can’t. This is beneficial because you can find sheltered places to anchor or even get closer to the beach because of the smaller draft. This, added to the stability point, gives you as a result a comfortable place to sleep without movement.

4. You won’t sink

There is a special characteristic of catamarans and it is that they don’t sink. It is almost impossible for it to flip since it has two hulls. But also, in case the boat is damaged, the best idea is to stay on the catamaran because most of them are fabricated with closed-cell foam which will make it to flow. It doesn’t matter on which side you are, the boat will float.

5. Speed

Not only catamarans can sail faster than monohulls, but also most of them are lighter, so they can reach more speed. Of course, not all of them are the same, there are models specially created for comfort, peaceful sailing, family time and relaxation. But, there are others that have less living space and since there are lighter, they are faster. Either way, with both options you will have more speed with this type of boat than with a monohull.

6. Safety

A very important point is safety. It is always necessary to check what the safety measures are. As we said in the previous post, catamarans are difficult to flip or even sink, so this will assure you an extra safety. Also, since they are faster, you have the possibility to get out of a complicate situation real quick, like in a storm.

7. Luxury

catamaran for charter balearicsCatamarans are seen as luxurious boats and they definitely give you a unique experience. Most people think they are way superior to monohulls for a lot of reasons, most of them we already mentioned. But also, they are perceived with more prestige.

As you can see, rent a catamaran in Mallorca it is a good idea, especially if you want to have a memorable time with your family. It is incredibly fun, you can explore a lot of places, you will have all the space you want, less movement, more speed and safety. Now you just need to think about where do you want to go and when!

Renting a catamaran is something you should think about doing with time. Currently, these boats are very popular and a lot of people want to try them out, so the best idea is to plan your vacations with time so you won’t miss your opportunity.

We hope this article helps you clarify all doubts. Catamaran rental Mallorca  click here >>

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