Charter guide

Yacht charter guide Crewed & Bareboat. Our guide should answer many of the questions that may arise when hiring this service.

Why charter a yacht?

Currently a large number of users choose to charter a boat rather than purchase one; owning a boat, in addition to the value of the purchase itself, involves high maintenance and monitoring costs throughout the year, and in most cases use does not exceed 30 days a year. For only the cost of maintenance can you charter a boat with the same characteristics for 2-3 weeks a year without the worries and expenses associated with ownership.

Sailing is one of the most relaxing and captivating experiences that you can have, and chartering a yacht allows you to discover magical places and plan a holiday according to your needs, incorporating all the decisive factors as it combines the comforts of a hotel with the freedom and privacy offered by a boat.

Depending on your choice and boat, on board you can enjoy complete relaxation, celebrations, events, time with family or friends, coves, beaches, swimming, fishing, cuisine and more, as well as a wide variety of water activities such as jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, kayaking, paddle surfing, snorkelling, etc…

How does the booking process work?

Once you have made the decision the booking process is very simple. The process is handled by a specialised agent who will act as the main line of communication between all parties, providing expert advice, and planning and organising all the details of the charter.

Let us know what you need:

  • Charter dates
  • Bareboat or crewed
  • Sailing area
  • Type of boat
  • Number of passengers
  • Approximate budget   

We will analyse all of this information and carry out a search accordingly in order to present you with the most suitable available yachts. Once we have found the yacht and have agreed on all the details of the charter, we will proceed with the booking by signing the charter agreement between the parties.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

Charter with or without a professional crew?

There are two options when chartering a boat.

Crewed charter with a professional crew: This option is available even for those who have no experience in navigation. The responsibility and handling of the boat falls upon the professional captain.

Bareboat charter without a professional crew: In this case it is necessary that at least one of the renters have a valid boating license in addition to the necessary experience according to the type of boat.

* As a general rule, boats over 15 metres in length are only offered with a professional captain.

Is the security deposit obligatory?

This deposit covers damages attributable to negligence, accidents or misuse of the boat by the customer.

A security deposit is mandatory for a bareboat charter and the amount depends on the characteristics of the boat. Depending on the boat and each individual case, a deposit may also be required for a yacht charter with crew.


Can I specify the food and beverages that will be served during my charter?

Yes. For crewed yachts that have a chef, once we have made the booking we will ask that you fill in our preferences form; you will be able to choose your menus/supplies and make any other special requests to be taken into account by the chef. We then communicate all this information to the crew in order to make the preparations accordingly. In addition, we can put you in direct contact with the captain or a specific member of the crew if you prefer.

Is smoking permitted on board?

Smoking is not permitted indoors for safety reasons, but smoking areas are designated outdoors.

What items and clothing should I bring?

Storage on board may be scarce and the use of soft suitcases is recommended.

Recommended clothing: Shorts, swimsuits, t-shirts, hats, some warm clothes in case it cools down at night, raincoat, street clothes, rubber-sole shoes to protect both your feet and the floor.

Recommended items: Sun cream, motion sickness tablets, sunglasses, toiletries.

What is the A.P.A?

The A.P.A (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) only applies yacht charter with crew the Charterer will be charged for all expenses corresponding to fuel, berthing costs out homeport, food and beverages and any other particular services that you may request. With the purpose of covering these costs, we will require an advanced provisioning allowance (A.P.A) which is normally between 20% to 30% of the charter fee. This will be given to the yacht captain prior to boarding. At the end of the charter, and during if requested, the captain will produce full accounts of all expenditure either with a refund of monies not spent or a request for payment if the APA was exceeded.

Should I take special care on board?

Order is essential, and each item must be stowed in its corresponding place. This way we avoid falls and breakages while at sea.

Be careful with the toilet; do not flush paper, cotton, wipes or intimate hygiene items as it will end up clogging the system.

Do not go indoors while wet to avoid slipping. Also remove sand when coming from the beach.

Use protective creams on a towel to avoid slipping and stains.

Special care must be taken when sailing with children. We recommend the use of life jackets on deck and they must be attended by an adult at all times.

Can I specify the route?

Yes, the client may set the route and schedules, but must always consider the Skipper & Captain´s opinion as they always have the final say concerning the technical and navigational safety. For bareboat charter the own client set the route and schedules.

yacht charter guide with crew or bareboat guide for charter in the mediterranean yacht charter guide with crew or bareboat