Charter management

If you are a boat owner or are interested in owning a boat to rent out, we offer our yacht charter management programme. We are in continuous development so we can widely publicise and promote your boat in order to rent it out the maximum number of days per year.

We want to manage your boat in a transparent, efficient and professional way while simultaneously growing in this continuously expanding market.

Services included in our charter management programme


We offer your boat mainly on the internet via our website and various nautical platforms;

  •     High visitor traffic
  •     Leading SEO positioning in the sector
  •     Continuous web and positioning development
  •     Direct marketing through Google Ads
  •     Banners
  •     Social media marketing

We have an ample portfolio of customers and collaborating companies;

  •     Follow up of and making offers to our customer portfolio
  •     Newsletter mailings for customers / collaborating companies
  •     Collaborations with companies in the sector

Support for the owner and crew

During the charter, we are the first line of communication between the customer, owner and crew, covering the entire process, from first contact to disembarkation.

  •     Receipt and issuing of invoices
  •     Creation, sending and classification of rental contracts
  •     Transfer of payments to owner’s specified account
  •     Crew search
  •     Crew support (moorings, itineraries, preference forms, bookings)
  •     Assistance in obtaining licenses and authorisations

Customer support

  •     Follow up and personalised attention
  •     Technical consulting according to preferences
  •     Creation of special offers
  •     Issuing of invoices
  •     Creation of contracts
  •     Receipt of payments (charter price, A.P.A, security deposit, extras)
  •     Organisation and planning (preferences, itineraries, moorings, associated services)
  •     Receiving customers at embarkation/disembarkation
  •     Post-charter follow up regarding satisfaction

Services not included in our charter management programme

  •  Maintenance of the boat for perfect operational, technical and aesthetic conditions.


Each case’s characteristics and expectations may vary, so we can together with the owner design a programme tailored to their needs. We are completely open to studying any proposal that we find motivating and exciting. Our project is in continuous growth and we need a fleet to cover the demand of our customers.


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