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What you should know about electric boats and yachts

In today's world, electric mobility has become a reality

In today’s world, electric mobility has become a reality, which is why it has spread in the nautical sector, as well as in land transport. The warming caused by environmental pollution and gas emissions, the end of fossil fuels, as well as the pollution of the oceans, have made electric mobility the true protagonist of the sea.

As you can see, in most cities around the world mobility has been gradually changing; it seems that there are quite accelerated changes towards electric mobility. That’s why today we show you what you need to know about electric boats and yachts.

Electric boats are silent and modern

It is really amazing how silent electric boats are, this is basically because they do not have any combustion engine and for this reason, do not emit large noise, vibration, odors, gases.

Navigation on electric boats can be compared to sailing, the sea becomes the perfect companion along with the crew and the pleasant breeze.

It is an important aspect, as you well know the vibration, the smell in the engine and the noise can be quite annoying during navigation in a boat with combustion engine.

Without forgetting the benefits in the technical part in an electric boat, mainly in terms of engine maintenance.

The process of cleaning an electric boat is faster and simpler, as well as having a high reliability and high energy efficiency. For this reason, it is not trivial to reduce costs compared to a boat with an electric motor.

Sustainable Navigation on Ships

You can practice sustainable sailing, as the electric yacht will not emit harmful gases into the environment and the best thing is that there will be no waste left in the sea. Enjoy a navigation without NoX, Co2, among other emissions.

In addition, we must add the low cost, today electricity has a fairly low cost compared to diesel and gasoline.

This translates into significant fuel savings. Without forgetting that it is also possible to find boats with solar panels or decks specially designed for solar panels; considering that cleaner energy is obtained with the good protection of these solar panels.

Electric outboard motors for inflatable boats

electric power boats and yachtsThis type of engine is propulsion, the same is placed in the external area of the marine boat, which is anchored to the boat using supports adapted to the type of inflatable boat.

These electric motors are small and use electrical energy to move, something excellent because it is an ecological energy, clean and friendly to the environment.

Different types and brands of electric outboards

Currently it is possible to find various brands that specialize in the manufacture of this type of engines, which can be differentiated basically by overall efficiency, power, safety and performance.

Some have powers between 1hp and 80hp. This kind of engines are as light as batteries and are used in various opportunities when we do not want to row, for example.

Battery to be used

It is essential to keep in mind the following: you should never use the car battery, it is the best way to maintain the autonomy and duration.

We explain the main reasons, the design in a car battery focuses on providing high amperage in spaced and short periods of time. When used uninterruptedly because the discharge is considered to be of low amperage, it reduces service life and autonomy as it has not been designed for this type of function.

For this kind of function the ideal batteries are deep cycle, AGM technology or preferably gel; they are the same method used for solar photovoltaic infrastructures, golf carts, among others.

Although they are quite expensive, it is better to invest in the most suitable ones, in the long term they are less expensive because they last as long as necessary.

Whatever the case, it is best to see if the manufacturer of this type of electric boat motor suggests a specific battery amperage; if so, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Sustainable electric boats

Due to the existence of a continuous growth of value in environmentally sustainable design, yacht and boat manufacturers are in constant search of innovative solutions to perfect the green credentials of boats.

Normally yachts and boats only used diesel, this has changed because today yachts use organic fuel, solar panels and electric power to run everything, including the air conditioning and not just the engine.

Thanks to this, it not only reduces the impact on the environment by the yacht, it also significantly decreases the noise, this compared to diesel engines. A big advantage, so everyone on board the electric boat can enjoy the surf, without having to hear an engine roar.

Solar boats in the present

electric power boats and yachtsSome years ago we started experimenting with solar energy, basically because ships are very exposed to the sun’s rays, the results of these experiments have been successful.

Today around the world there is a wide variety of solar boats that provide excellent service. Yachts and ships that are mobilized by the energy coming from the sun, crossing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, without resorting to any type of fuel. Some of these boats also offer ferry and even taxi services.

Main advantages of electric motors for boats

The advantages of a boat electric motor can be summarized as follows:

  • This type of engines are smaller and quite light.
  • On electric boats they are clean, quiet and low-vibration.
  • Electric boats are easier to handle.
  • They may operate as generators, that is, they have the capacity to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • Significantly reduce the emission of Co2.
  • They do not emit gases.
  • The induction motor is highly efficient, besides being quite simple.
  • Almost all electrically powered motors deliver high power in less time.

In short, as long as environmentally friendly transport continues to develop, innovative ideas with the aim of protecting the environment may continue to emerge on a daily basis. The nautical area, especially electric boats, is one of those areas where such modern concepts rather than fashion are taking shape.

Electric boats today are replacing the old gas boats and this is excellent news for the welfare of all.

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