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Protection and conservation of posidonia in Mallorca and Ibiza

Let's talk extensively about its location, conservation of Posidonia and the anchoring of yachts in Posidonia.

In the Mediterranean Sea, Posidonia is an enormous mass of phanerogamous marine vegetations which form enormous seagrasses, in which a significant amount of life develops. The large mass during the winter and autumn season is washed away by sea currents.

This phenomenon is also known as Posidonia meadows, because this large mass can reach up to 1 meter thick, similar to a land meadow.

The dense leaves of the Posidonia meadows provide a protective space for smaller animals to lay their eggs. Not forgetting that it is home of a fascinating biological diversity. Let’s talk extensively about its location, conservation of Posidonia and the anchoring of yachts in Posidonia.

Location of Posidonia

This enormous mass is located in the Mediterranean Sea, including different areas belonging to the Balearic Archipelago; specifically, in Formentera, Cabrera, Menorca, Ibiza and Mallorca; in Catalonia and the Valencian Community.

Within the Balearic Islands, there are an interesting number of ecological buoys distributed throughout the areas most frequented by cruisers. So that this area suffers the least erosion due to the anchoring of Posidonia yachts.

Explore the world’s longest-lived living organism

poseidonia conservation mallorca ibizaThe Posidonia meadows are only found in the Mediterranean, it is not possible to find this endemic marine plant in other regions of the world.

This organism is housed mainly in the islands of Formentera, Ibiza and Mallorca, it is a true wonder of nature these 8 km long, considered as world heritage by UNESCO, as it has more than 100,000 years of life.

Posidonia extends from Formentera to Ses Salines beach in Ibiza, is an area rich in species, in addition to being the habitat responsible for the turquoise color and transparency of the waters of both islands, for this reason is one of the most interesting areas for diving in the Mediterranean.

In this beautiful submarine forest, it is possible to find diverse species that obtain protection and food, it is the perfect place not only to lay eggs and to mate, the young develop in a space that counts on abundant food.

The Hippocampus ramulosus, or seahorse, is one of the species found in Posidonia oceanica, whose shape is similar to a piece of chess and a camouflage is placed to look for small larvae and invertebrates. Within the Posidonia meadows, there are also various fish such as scorpions and maidens, gilthead bream, etc.

Adequate anchorage for the conservation of Posidonia

One of the main functions of this prairie, is the conservation of the ecological balance of the marine space, can be compared with the function of forests. It is in charge of oxygenating and purifying coastal waters, offering transparent and high quality waters.

In addition, the Posidonia  plays an important role in the protection and conservation of dunes and beaches, spaces with high ecological value and great fragility. Parallel to the coast, form marine reefs which rise to 2 m high, creating in turn, a natural breakwater that reduces the performance of the waves.

The dead leaves in the beaches build barriers to diminish the erosive effects caused by storms in winter, being the dead leaves between storms and storms under the contributions of new sand, hooking and settling this way the beach.

Approximately half a million square kilometers is the space occupied by these ecosystems, which are currently in regression on a global scale. In addition, the plants have a slow growth of a maximum of 2 cm per year and the reduced production of seeds make the losses irreversible, because it takes several centuries to recover a meadow.

Yacht anchorage areas

poseidonia sailing boat buoy in mallorcaDue to the importance of these ecosystems for the protection and conservation of beaches and yacht anchorage areas in Ibiza and Mallorca, is constantly monitored to prevent this large mass is affected, as the Posidonia is part of the priority habitats protected.

In addition, Posidonia meadows have been part of UNESCO’s world heritage since 1999. When sailing on the turquoise and crystal clear waters of the Balearic islands, the Posidonia meadows represent one of the most appreciated assets on the island; this is why it is sheltered from the yacht anchorage areas of Mallorca and Ibiza.

For this reason, it is a large mass very protected and it is necessary to be quite careful with the anchoring of yachts in Posidonia, to avoid anchoring on the prairies in the charter yacht.

If you like mammal species and are a faithful protector of nature, we are sure you will find on this islands a true paradise. Its crystalline waters, vegetal diversity and animal fauna in its beautiful waters, allow the practice of scuba diving or snorkeling.

Sometimes the place that most captures the attention of tourists are the coasts, a true natural beauty that keeps beautiful species, in addition to its long-lived Posidonia meadows, unique in the world.

Posidonia meadows and anchoring

When they get too close to the Posidonia meadows, they are placed to move to another area where the anchorage does not affect the chain or the anchor of the vessel to the Posidonia.

You must bear in mind that it is not possible to claim ignorance of the area, if the licensed employer exceeds the limits and the Environmental agents of the Government denounce it. Those people with a license as skipper of this type of boats, it is necessary that they learn how to locate the oceanic Posidonia in the nautical chart.

Studying and analysing that anchoring activity on grasslands anywhere is hampered, as well as understanding that, of all the possible anchorage areas in Ibiza and Mallorca, both Posidonia and rock bottoms in the event of a bad sea are less safe.

When you rent a yacht in Ibiza, one of the most common plans is sailing to Formentera to get to know the nearby island. The best thing is that the crossing is quite short, allowing you to get to know the rest of the Balearic Islands. The proximity of these islands has allowed for an increase in itineraries in these areas.

In general terms, renting a yacht or boat in Mallorca or Ibiza is a real success for the enjoyment of the best holidays, but always bearing in mind that the Posidonia meadows must be protected from anchorage to avoid erosion, as well as protecting the dunes and beaches.

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