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All you need to know about sailing in the Balearic Islands

It is a great plan to sail with the family and discover a new way to enjoy the Balearic islands.

When you plan your next vacations to the Balearic Islands, maybe you will be interested on getting a yacht or a hire a boat to explore the islands. This idea will not only give you the freedom of choosing where to go and what to do, but it will also give you a lot of time to explore and do all the activities you desire. It is a great plan to sail with the family and discover a new way to enjoy the islands and its wonderful nature.

There is a few things you should know before planning your trip, especially if you want to go sailing. On this post we are going to share with you all the tips and things you need to know to sail in the Balearic Islands, like the best seasons, the cost of a boat, the weather, where to dock and so much more. Take this post as a small guide to your next trip for the islands.

Do you need a license to sailing in the Balearic Islands?

The main question around this subject is the legal aspect. Since there is a lot of legislation to sail in different places, it is normal to wonder what license you need to explore the Balearic Islands. The answer to this questions is yes, but also, no.

In the Balearic Islands you can sail without permission, as long as your sailboat is shorter than 6 meters and your motorboat is shorter than 5 meters. Also, you have permission to sail during the day and only within 2 miles from the coast.

Outside those parameters, you will need a license to sail. If your boat has a flag from a country outside the EU you will need a skipper permit issue in that country. UE boats that have the RYA Day Skipper International Certificate Competence (ICC) or an equivalent permit won’t have issues with this, more info>> .

Chartering a boat and the costs

There are different boats you can find, from yachts, to super yachts, catamarans, sailboats, speedboats, and more. Each one has different characteristics and also different costs. In this list we show you the most common boats used and the cost:

  • crewed charter balearic islandsMotorboats: motorboat charter are for the ones who want to explore the islands and feel the speed. There are luxurious, offer a lot of comfort and can take you from one spot to another real quick. They are more expensive because of the fuel. For a motorboat between 12-16 meters fuel expenses for a day can go from €200 to €500. Motorboats for charter click here>>
  • Sailboat: if you want the experience of sailing, feel closer to the sea and learn a bit about the skills to control your own boat, then you need a sailboat. These are a little bit more affordable since they don’t need fuel, so you can find a small sailing boat for €250 or get a big comfortable one for €1200 a day. Sailing boats for charter click here>>
  • Catamarans: if you want a comfortable vacations, then what you need is a catamaran. These ones can take you from one island to another one with all the confort. You can find them between €400 up to €2500 a day. Catamarans for charter click here>>

There are other options, like bareboat charter or crewed charters. For the bareboat you will need a skipper certification so the charter company knows that you have the qualifications needed. For the crewed charter you will have a local skipper that can plan your itinerary. These options are a bit more expensive, but they are completely worth it.

What is the best season to sail in the Balearic Islands?

If you want to sail in the Balearic Islands with great weather but when it is less crowded, you can go between April – May, and September. You will find favorable weather to sail in these months and you can enjoy the islands as you desire. The high season in Spain begins at the end of June and it ends in August, so if you go on this months you will also find great weather but probably more people around and tourists.

Since the climate is Mediterranean, the average temperature is between 23º and 26º, so it is really fresh and allows you to enjoy every corner of the islands.

Preparations before your trip

Before you board on your boat, remember all the things you need to take so you don’t have a bad experience. Not only take the typical items for the beach, like sandals, hats, sunglasses, swimwear, towel, medications that you might need, hygiene products and so on, but also remember all the legal documents.

Depending on your nationality you will need your visa to get in and out, passport and other requirements, so the best recommendation is to research before which documents you will need. Besides, don’t forget your license to sail!

The best marinas to dock

sailing in the balearic islands mallorca portSailing in the Balearic Islands you will find modern marinas everywhere, but here is a list of the best marinas to dock depending on what island you are:

  • Mallorca: Club de Mar, Alcudiamar, Marina Port de Mallorca, Club de Vela Puerto de Andrtax.
  • Ibiza: Puerto de Sant Antonio de Portmany, Marina Ibiza, Marina Santa Eulalia, Marina Botafoch.
  • Menorca: Port Mahon, Fornells Port.

With all these tips, there is no doubt that you will have everything prepared with time to enjoy the best vacations ever. Once you board your boat and explore the Balearic Islands, you will realize that there is no better way to enjoy the islands than this. It is relaxing, perfect for the whole family and there is always a new adventure that will change your life forever.

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