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Sea views restaurants in Ibiza

In the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, we find one of the most popular, active, and attractive islands of them all, Ibiza...

This incredible place is well known for its incredible beaches, parties all night long, its amazing food, and for being the most fun location from the Balearic Islands. With crystal clear water, white sand, and astonishing views, Ibiza is a complete paradise that millions of people visit each year to relax and have fun. If this is your next destination, we want to help you with an important key to your trip: incredible food. 

As we mentioned, Ibiza is well known for its food, just like the other islands. However, you can get a different experience if you know what the best sea view restaurants Ibiza are, where you can enjoy the magical air of the island. Because let’s be honest, Mediterranean food can be good in many places, but having an incredible dinner with the sound of the ocean in the background and one of the prettiest sunsets of the world going down in front of you… those are the memories that we all want to keep forever. 

We are going to share with you the top Ibiza restaurants with a sea view that will enchant you, so you can make the best memories on your next vacation. Take a look!

Sea views restaurants in Ibiza that you need to know about

These are the restaurants that will leave you gasping for air when you check the view. We made a list with the top restaurants Ibiza town that we consider to have the best view, but also amazing food. 

Sun Sea Bar 

sunsea bar sea view restaurants ibizaThe name already says it all. Sun Sea Bar is located in Sant Antoni de Portmany, a place where many tourists go to take pictures of the sunset because they look astonishing from there. It is so popular that people gather every day to take photos of the sky and its pretty colors. 

Sun Sea Bar has an incredible location that allows you to experience this magical event every day without leaving your seat. You can enjoy one of the traditional cocktails or maybe one of the creations of the barman – which we totally recommend – and sit next to the pool or in the hammock area. They also offer different dishes based on Mediterranean cooking that will leave you craving for more. Website>>

Sa Caleta

restaurant sa caletaIf you want to experience a little bit more of the history of Ibiza, then you need to go to Sa Caleta. This restaurant is located at the feet of Es Bol Nou Beach in Sa Caleta, the place where the first Phoenicias arrived on the island, and it has been open since 1988. You will be able to eat in front of the beach and enjoy the beautiful ocher colors of the sand. There are just a few Ibiza restaurants on the beach like this one. 

If you are looking for traditional food and original flavors, then Sa Caleta is your place. It has an incredible Mediterranean food menu based on local species and vegetables directly from their ecologic patch. Also, they created Cafe Caleta, one of the most popular drinks in Ibiza made with coffee, brandy, sugar, peel of an orange, lemon, and cinnamon. Delightful!. Website>>

Ses Roques

ses roques Ses Roques is located in Platges de Comte, one of the most attractive areas on the island because of its beautiful beaches. From Ses Roques you will be able to enjoy an incredible view of the beaches and also the dels Illots de Ponent natural reserve. But definitely, the best part of this restaurant is when the sunset arrives, and the colors of the sea change. Through the hours you can see the sun hiding behind the islets. A spectacular view that you can only enjoy from Ses Roques. 

They offer a wide range of dishes based on local seafood, completely fresh, with traditional Mediterranean recipes like Bullits de peix, stews, and more. Website>>

Sa Calma

sa calma sea view restaurants in ibizaIf you want something more casual that you can enjoy at any time of the day, then you definitely need to visit Sa Calma. Located in front of Dalt Valt, is one of the few places that has the luxury to be in the front row watching Marina Port Ibiza. Not only will you get an incredible sea view and experience beautiful sunsets here, but you can also enjoy the parade of incredible yachts and boats that go around. 

Sa Calma offers a wide menu that allows you to visit at any time, you can go for breakfast, grab lunch, dinner, or anything in between. Mediterranean food and tasty drinks! This is one of the few Ibiza restaurants open at all times. 

El Carmen

el carmen cala d´hortWe already mentioned that Platges de Comte is one of the most popular places to watch the sunset. However, there is a very strong contestant, and it is Cala d’Hort, which is not that popular but it offers an impressive view of the sunset accompanied by two islets side by side that everybody should experience. If you want a front row of this show, then you need to go to El Carmen. 

El Carmen not only has imponent sea views but also mind-blowing Mediterranean traditional food like paella and stews. You will love to get lunch or dinner at this place!

With any of these options, we can assure you that you will get the best views of the island, and you will enjoy at the same time the incredible traditional food and drinks that you can only find in Ibiza. Even though this island is well known for its party, now you will also be able to remember it by its food and wonderful views. Website>>

*If you are planning your trip to Ibiza, we recommend you to visit the top sea view restaurants in Ibiza. We assure you these places will leave you a beautiful memory forever. Know more about yacht charter in Ibiza>>

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