The reason for its popularity is because there are protected areas where you can practice this sport and enjoy the beautiful Posidonia meadows, spectacular species and so much more. It is an experience that you cannot miss!

You can find several places to do scuba diving in Mallorca, but some of them are protected and you need permission, and others are not that pretty. Therefore, we decided to put up a list of the best places to practices this sport on the island and also give you some tips before you go into this adventure. Keep reading this post so you can know all the important things you need to keep in mind before your trip. 

Some important tips you need to know…

If you haven’t planned your trip yet, don’t worry, we can give you some advice so everything goes well. We often see tourists making mistakes and having a bad time because they forgot to adjust or attend some details. So, instead of that, check this list of tips and make sure you got everything covered before you go to Mallorca. 

Top scuba diving sites in Mallorca

As we mentioned before, there are a lot of places where you can practice scuba diving in Mallorca. If you want the best experience, then you cannot miss the most recommended sites. Here is a list with them: 

El Toro and Islas Malgrats

islas malgrats mallorca This is one of the best spots to do scuba diving. This is a protected area, so you will find an authentic paradise underwater. Islas Malgrats has three immersion and every year it has more species. It is a very magical experience since there is so much life and color in this place. In fact, some tourists affirmed that this is the most beautiful spot to do scuba diving, so you cannot miss it. 

Reserva de Sa Dragonera 

sa dragonera mallorca scubaThis spot was declared as a Natural Park and it is considered one of the best scuba diving sites. Here you can find clear water (which gives you a lot of visibility) and different species. Also, has unique attractions, like a sunken ship and the Cueva de la Ventana immersion, which is a cave where you can go through and find a cavity to take off your equipment. 

Natural Park of Cabrera

cabrera island in mallorcaThis is an uninhabited island, therefore, its nature and environment are practically untouched. You will find clear water, over 500 different species, and a marine life that is unreal. This is an immersion that goes really deep (98 feet), so if you are looking at this experience for practice and to improve your skills, this might be the best option for you. 

Isla del Sec

isla de sec top diving sites in mallorca This is a pretty special immersion because in this spot you will find two sunken ships. These two made the perfect conditions for an artificial coral reef, so in your immersion, you can find so many different species and see how they interact with the boats. 


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