The pandemic has extended and it seems like the 2020-21 vacations are canceled. The lockdown is keeping everybody in their place and you would think the tourism industry has completely shut down. However, there is one sector that is still working, and it is the sailing industry.

A lot of people have questions about going on a yacht, like nothing is happening, but it has been noted that charter a yacht is 10 times safer than a hotel, because the privacy avoids the interaction among people. Following the instructions to avoid getting the virus, we know the first rule is to avoid big crowds and keep a social distance. So, why a yacht is different and better?

In a hotel, you share the common places and spaces with different people that are traveling at the same time as you, which is completely dangerous since you don’t know for sure the trajectory of each person and where they have been. However, in a charter yacht, is just you and your family or friends, completely safe. And now they are implementing new distancing rules just to make sure this is 100% safe for everybody.

In this post we will talk to you about why a yacht is safer and what places are allowed right now.

Safety measures to charter a yacht during the pandemic

Even though sailing is available and way safer than other methods of transportation or vacationing, it still has some rules or safety measures that the crew and the passengers need to pay attention to. Some of the recommendations overall in the industry are:

You can take with you on the boat the people who have been in quarantine with you. Any family member or friend that lives with you can go and you all can enjoy this vacation. However, is not recommended to invite other people, since you can get the virus from asymptomatic people. Therefore, no guests allowed on the boat.

These are just some of the recommendations that have been taking place in most countries. Of course, you need to consult any company first because most of them have their own rules or safety measure for the covid 19 –  yacht charter.

Is a yacht completely safe to travel?

This is a common question right now. Even when most people would follow the rules and safety measures, it is important to make sure that this idea is completely safe for you and your family. We recommend you to make the important questions to the company about the Covid 19 charter yacht protocols, this way you can know what safety measures they are taking.

Most of the companies take precautions to keep the boat in optimum conditions. They take their time to clean and disinfect all the areas of the yacht before and after a group gets on board. Also, some yachts have air filters that clean all the air of the boat to make sure everything in it is completely clean and safe for everybody, the people, and the crew. Still, make sure to ask and research before renting the yacht.

With these precautions, a charter yacht is possible the most ideal place to vacation, since it is private, clean and it follows all the instructions given by authorities. There is no reason to cancel your beach plans if you still can go safely in a boat and take all your family to enjoy with you.

Another advantage here is that a charter yacht has all the commodities and luxury of a hotel, and even better since it is more private. You will have an incredible bed, room service, amazing food, and drinks to enjoy on the beach, toys to play in the water and so much more. Everything you need but in the comfort and safety of a boat.

Where can I go in a charter yacht during COVID 19?

covid 19 You can ask the company what places are allowed and safe to go to right now from your country. For example, some people aren’t recommending to go to the Mediterranean until the virus is contained and the curve gets flatter. Either way, you can still ask for advice and check if they are allowing going to some of the coves there.

Some of the most popular places right now are the Caribbean and the Bahamas, since the numbers here are still low and they taking all the measures. You can still ask your company for any pieces of advice or recommendation if you want to go there. Remember that the progress of the virus can speed up fast and you want to make sure it is all safe for you and your family.

However, there are still a lot of places that are available to go and they are safe for visiting. This is a great opportunity to visit, have some days off, relax on a beach, and still enjoy your vacations normally, even during the pandemic. You don’t need to cancel anything, just charter a yacht and get ready to enjoy!

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