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How to take care of the sea while sailing

Sun, sea, wind and a clear sky are the ideal conditions to make the trip you have dreamed about.

If you are an expert sailor or just someone who enjoys passionately the loneliness and beauty of the wide sea, sailing is something that relaxes you but at the same time makes you feel alive. Of course, all this enjoyment would be meaningless if you don’t take care of what you love the most: the sea. That’s why we bring you the best tips for taking care of the sea while you sail.

Minimize the use of plastic

If you decide to choose a sailing vacation, try hard to minimize the use of plastic inside the boat and, of course, never throw it overboard. Another thing to take into consideration has to do with recycling and reusing plastic containers, this is undoubtedly an important way to take care of the sea while sailing. In fact, many people think that if you don’t drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste thrown into the sea, there will be more plastic in the oceans than animal life in the future. For more info click here.

Watch your fuel use. Watch out for the engine

You may have the option to rent a boat that also has sails. A motor sailboat will save you fuel. By using the wind to power your boat, you will use less engine and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the sea. This may seem a small impact, but it will be your contribution to fight against global warming that affects the entire planet.

Another way you can take care of the sea while sailing is to make sure that your boat’s engine does not leak fuel or oil. Be careful when choosing a boat if you choose a motor boat  because damage can happen by accident.

Additionally, we must mention that taking care covers the process of refueling properly. By saying this, we mean the routine of filling a boat’s fuel tank. This seems simple but it is not. It is a nautical operation that forces us to follow some measures to care for the environment, protect the boat and ensure the integrity of the crew.

Keep an eye on speed and anchorage

You must be careful with the speed when sailing, especially if you are near a beach. You may want to brag about your rented motor boat but you could cause problems for bathers at the beach. Even if it is far from the beach, traveling at high speeds can cause annoyance or even injury to marine life around you.

Taking care of the sea while sailing includes protecting the seabed.  So when you go to anchor, please, try to do it with extreme care, thus, preserve the beauty, the life and the color that the ocean floor offers us. If you are sailing you should pay careful attention to this advice, due to the importance of the poseidonia meadows for the protection and conservation of beaches and yacht anchorage areas in the Balearic islands, is constantly monitored to prevent this large mass is affected, as the Posidonia is part of the priority habitats protected.

No rubbish overboard

How would you feel if a stranger came to your house and after enjoying a great time together he decided to leave a lot of trash in your house? The answer to that question should make us think about the way we handle the trash we carry on our boat. We don’t want to throw any trash overboard; doing so would damage the sea and the creatures in it.

According to some studies, the waste is thrown into the sea hardly degrade quickly, and contrary to what many people believe, marine animals do not feed on them but become a source of pollution and danger to the flora and fauna of the oceans. You may be tempted to dispose of the waste easily, but if you want to take care of the sea while sailing, no garbage overboard.

After reading these tips, you may feel ready for a sailing vacation, remember to select a yacht or boat that suits your needs. But none of these tips will have any real impact on your desire to take care of the sea while sailing if you don’t understand why you should take care of the ocean.

Why we should take care of the ocean?

There are so many reasons to take care of the ocean. We are simply economically dependent on it. Thirteen of the fifteen most important cities in the world are located near or on the coasts; 2.7 billion people in the world have jobs related to the activities of the sea or lagoon, they do depend on the coast to survive day after day.

On the other hand, there are countless compounds in the ocean very useful for fighting against cancer. The ocean is the only natural helper against global warming; it is home to the blue whale, the largest animal in history (even bigger than the dinosaurs). In fact, our body is constituted by 70% water; our planet looks blue from the moon because of water, in short, if the water is life, the ocean is life too.


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