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The best electric yachts

Currently, there is a lot of criticism around heat engines. We are in the age of taking care of the environment and certainly, this type of motor has a lot of disadvantages.

The best electric yachts; First of all, and most important, pollution. But also, the loud noise and the fact that some waterways are not allowing heat engines anymore. This is why lots of people are deciding to make the change right now and get an electric system before they can’t keep using their boats anymore.

Different companies are offering electric yachts for rent because it is cheaper and also practical for them and their clients. However, the decision to make the change is harder for owners because they may not know what to choose or what to look for. Being honest, this is a new technology that is just starting in houses, cars and now boats, not everybody wants to take the risk. So, why would you choose an electric yacht?

The benefits of choosing an electric yacht

Why electric engines are gaining popularity? Why do people say they are better and rentable in comparison with diesel? Well, is not speculation, electric systems have a lot of benefits. So, if you still have doubts about making this change, take a look at the next list: 

  • Economic: you might think that an electric yacht is way more expensive than diesel, and yes, it might be true if you are getting a new boat. But, the reality is that you will save tons of money later, because you won’t have to pay for diesel ever (which is a lot), and you won’t have to pay for expensive maintenance. This is the main reason why companies are changing their yachts for electric ones. They invest in the beginning, and then, they won’t have to worry about anything else because there is no need for diesel.
  • Less noise: a big complaint about heat engines is the noise. If you want a calm experience and feel closer to the sea, you will never get that with the loud noise of the heat motor. Instead, the electric engine is completely silent. You can have a quiet and calm experience every time you go sailing. 
  • Smell: another complaint is the smell of diesel. This is a strong smell that can make some people feel sick, and nobody wants to feel that while sailing. The electric yachts don’t have that problem. 
  • Ecology: as we mentioned before, heat engines have bad popularity, and the reason is pollution. It is a big problem, and some waterways are changing their rules to prohibit diesel motors. Electric systems take care of the environment in a lot of ways, not only we avoid pollution, but also you can use alternative energy resources, like solar panels and the movement of the turbines. And guess what? This will also save you lots of money!

As you can see, we just reviewed the main benefits to make the change and the electric yacht has a strong case. This technology is new but so far it doesn’t have many disadvantages, so if you want to get a new yacht or change your engine, an electric one will be the best option. 

Keep reading this post because we will show you the best electric yachts you can find right now in the market, their characteristics and features. This way, you will already have a few models in mind before making your purchase. 

What are the best electric yachts?

There are different models that can change the way you navigate. We put together a list of the best electric yachts you can find this year in the market:

Silent 55

silent 55´ the best electric yachtsIf you want a luxury experience, then you need to try the wonderful Silent 55. This yacht is, as its name says, noiseless navigation, so you can have a pleasant experience all the time. It is 100% powered by 10 kWp solar panels, which makes it rentable and friendly to the environment. And about its autonomy, it has a 120 kWh battery. This yacht can go up to 12 / 20 kt approximately, but its cruising speed is around 6 – 8 kt / 12 – 15 kt. You can also take a look at other models of this series, as the Silent 60. All of them are incredibly luxurious and zero maintenance costs. More info >>

Q-Yachts Q30

Q30 yachts and boatsIf you are looking for a simple yacht, then you may want to take a look at the Q30 from Q-Yachts. It is elegant, powerful but simple. If you like minimalistic things, then this can be the perfect yacht for you because it has a clean look. Its Oceanvolt electric motor is very quiet but powerful, giving you a speed up to 15 kt, but its cruising speed is around 9 kt. It is a white elegant yacht that gives you advance onboard functions that you can control through your iPad. More info >>

Patterson Boatworks Elektra

patterson elektra boats for charterThis yacht is very simple but stylish. If you want speed, great control, and comfort, then this is the perfect boat for you. Like the other options on the list, it is very silent and without the fumes. It has a top speed of 30 kt, which shows how powerful the engine is. In its normal cruising speed has a range of 25 miles and it has instantaneous acceleration. The Elektra also has on decks and on the bimini solar fabrics that allow the boat to recharge through sunlight. More info >>

*For more info about electric yachts and boats click here >>

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