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The sailing yacht “A”

This is an incredible model that make people turn their heads.

motor yacht and sailing yacht AIf we talk about one of the biggest sailing yachts out there, we need to mention the sailing yacht ‘A’. This is a 500 million dollars yacht that it is owned by the Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko and designed by the prestigious French industrial designer Philippe Starck. This is an incredible model that make people turn their heads thanks to its 142.81 meters long and 90 meters tall, making other boats look like simple toys in the water.

The first time in the water was in the Baltic Sea and people assumed it was too big to cross the Öresund Bridge. This little issue was a huge news on some journals because nobody couldn’t believe that this big boat would be trapped there forever. Not only this was not true and unnecessary, but it also helped to make people notice the sailing yacht ‘A’ even more, making it one of the most popular yachts out there. Now we have seen it sailing in different places.

This ship is not only noticeable for its size, but it also have incredible features with huge amount of luxuries and commodities that makes it look came out of a dream. From amazing pools, heliport, and even a night club.

What you don’t know about the sailing yacht ‘A’

anchoring sailing yacht AThis yacht is definitely has one of the most complex designs and it was truly a challenge for the engineers behind this project. The yacht has three masts, 90 meters each that people love to compare with the Big Ben Tower for its size. It was such a massive thing, that they decided to build a suit in one of the mast with wonderful views, exclusively for the brave ones that are not afraid of the heights or the constant movement.

But this is not all. Having this huge yacht means that there is so much space. The yacht has three pools (one of them with crystal floor), a heliport, eight floors, eight decks, six suites, space for 55 staff members, and all the luxury and commodities anyone could imagine. This yacht not only says “prestige” in every single way, but also says fun.

dinghy sailboat ASince Melnichenko had a part on the design, we can only imagine he made sure everything he needed was there. So, on the yacht we can also find extreme luxurious items like a night club prepared for long party nights, a special room for a submarine, subaquatic vision, and so much more. There is no doubt that the businessman keeps trying to innovate with eccentricities that will charm its new owner.

The boat can cruise between the 16 and 22 knots, powered by 2 diesel engines with 3.600 kW each one, and a few other electric ones with 4.300 kW. Also, it has an autonomy around 5.300 miles, which seems sufficient when it is not sailing.

The more we know about this incredible sailing yacht, the more we realize it is just a massive ship ready to take over any obstacle. So far, Melnichenko keeps playing with it waiting for its next owner.

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