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Top 5 luxury charter yachts

Currently, there are a lot of options, and every yacht has its own style, accommodations and facilities, so choosing one can be hard.

Your vacations are coming and you are thinking about renting a luxury charter yacht. Do you know exactly what to expect or what is the best option for you and your family?

However, don’t worry because in this post you are going to find all the important information about the most luxurious charter yachts in the world, so you can take your decision.

Why choosing a luxury yacht?

Some people think that taking vacations on a yacht can be boring because you don’t have much activities to do. But in reality, when you choose a luxury charter yacht, you basically have a fancy hotel while sailing. In these incredible boats you can find huge swimming pools, basketball courts, cinemas with advance technology, Jacuzzi and even spa rooms. So you can have all the commodities in just one place.

Another great thing about taking your vacations this way is that you can take all your family and every single person in the yacht will have an amazing experience. There are so many activities to do, a lot of space to go around and hang out, and even the smallest details like the suites will be a luxurious experience for all.

But, here comes the most important question: what is the best charter yacht for you? Have you already thought about what you want to do on your vacations? If you have some doubts, don’t worry. In here, we will show you the top 5 most luxurious charter yachts and their characteristics.

Top 5 most luxurious charter yachts

As we mentioned before, currently there are a lot of options in the market. Therefore, we decided to put up this list not only with the most expensive (over $1 million per week) but also the charter yachts that have more commodities and activities for you. So, take a look at them:

Flying Fox

most expensive luxury charter yachtThe Flying Fox is the largest luxury charter yacht  with 446 ft. It is extremely luxurious and with a fantastical style that will make you feel like you are in a dream. It has 11 suites, so you can take up to 22 persons in it, and the cost is over $2 million per week, but it varies.

Now, as long as the characteristics, in this megayacht you will find a 12 meters swimming pool with an incredible view, spots to take the sun or just relax in the shadow; an indoor Jacuzzi; a spa zone with steam room, a marble hamman, a treatment room where you can get a massage and a cryosauna; and a scuba-diving room, which is a really fun activity for the family.

Also, the Flying Fox has twin helipads, one in the foredeck and the other one at the upper deck aft. They both have huge size, so they can accommodate the biggest helicopters without any problem. You can come and go with all the style possible.


tranquility superyachtWith 300 ft., the superyacht Tranquility is the best option if you are planning in long – distance vacations. It is elegant and definitely relaxing, like its name says, because it offers different wellness zones. You can take up to 22 guests and the cost to rent her goes from $1,249,500 per week plus expenses.

As we mentioned, it has a big wellness zone. It is located in the lower deck and it is basically like a huge spa. Here you will find a plunge pool, a hamman, beauty and hairdressing room, experiential showers and more. All the things you need to relax and feel energized again, you can find them in this luxury charter yacht.

Also, Tranquility has a 20 meters square pool with different lounging areas around so you can take the sun and hang out. The design and style of the yacht is pretty elegant but with a warm tone that will make you feel at home.

Lady S

lady S luxury charter yachtIf you are looking entertainment and activities, then you definitely need to choose the Lady S. This superyacht comes with 305 ft., an elegant and shimmering style that was inspired in a jewelry box, and a capacity for 12 guests that you can accommodate in 7 suites.

Something that it is unique in this yacht is that it has a duplex IMAX cinema, which can be extremely fun if you and your family loves movies. Another characteristic is the two helipads that allows you to come and go easily, but also, the one that is at the aft can be used as a basketball court.

Of course, it has a gorgeous and big swimming pool that has spectacular views and offers sunny and shaded areas, so you can take the sun or just relax. The beach club is another thing that you cannot miss, because the views from the balconies will keep you enchanted.


kismet superyachts for hireIf you want a megayacht that is extremely popular, then you need to check out the Kismet. This boat has been charted for a lot of celebrities, like Beyoncé, and it is incredibly beautiful with all the commodities you could ask. The cost to rent goes from $1,354,500 per week plus expenses.

Now, about its characteristics, we could say that the Kismet has the most luxurious design inspired in a “Champagne and Caviar” theme, so it has a lot of gold and onyx black details that will make your jaw drop. On the main salon you will see different screens where you can watch anything you want, a beautiful piano and a gorgeous art deco bar.

The Kismet also has two big pools where you can take the sun, a basketball court, an outdoor fireplace to hang out and a spa zone with a plunge pool. This option definitely has it all.

Phoenix 2

phoenix 2 rent a luxury yacht This superyacht has the most attractive design, very art deco and luxurious. It has 295 ft., and you can take up to 12 guests in 7 incredible suites. The cost to rent goes from $1,136,000 per week plus expenses.

In the Phoenix 2 you will find a lot of elegant pieces and designs. In the main salon you will see a beautiful piano with spectacular art deco decorations. It also has a 7.5 meters swimming pool, Jacuzzi for the main guest, comfortable home cinema for everybody with cozy furniture and a lot of outdoor areas to hang out and take the sun.



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