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Top coves to anchor in Menorca

One of the best and most impressive places to visit and spend your vacations in the Balearic Islands is Menorca.

mahon cove  boat anchoringThis is one of the most low-profile islands of them all, which means that it is not always crowded and you can spend some relaxing time in it, admiring nature and hanging out with your family without worrying about the hundreds of people that could be in a cove. Menorca is truly the paradise when it comes to amazing and relaxing vacations.

The island has different beaches and coves to enjoy, and certainly, all of them are virgins with soft white sand and crystal clear water. This is why choosing which are the best is really hard. However, we put together a list of the top coves to anchor in Menorca making sure that all of them offer the best experience to everybody.

Let’s take a look at the list!

The best coves to anchor in Menorca

Cala Macarella

This is one of the prettiest and greatest coves in Menorca. Macarella is located between Punta de na Xulla and Castellet de Macarella, it is a relatively big cove where you can anchor boats easily, and it is recommended 3 to 6 meters. It is surrounded by rocks, so we recommend to be careful while manipulating the boat. This is for sure one of the most popular coves in Menorca due to its beauty.

Cala Macarelleta

Macarelleta is right there on the side of Macarella. It is a smaller cove and you can get there by swimming. Most boats will anchor in the middle of both, so you can enjoy the two places. This one is more private and covered, you can experience calm waters and the beautiful nature surrounding you. If you decide to anchor here, the recommendation is 3 to 6 meters too. In Macarelleta you will find an amazing restaurant, Suzy, where you can enjoy top-notch Mediterranean food.

Cala Morell

If you are looking for a protected cove, you need to visit Cala Morell. Located at the north of the island, this cove is just 80 meters long and it is surrounded by very particular cliffs that make this cove almost closed to the sea. It is amazing to avoid strong winds and rafts. Also, there are different neighborhoods around, so you will find all the services you may need or want, and if you want to go for a walk, there are different prehistoric caves here that you can explore. To anchor here is recommended around 4 to 6 meters.

Cala Mitjana

Mitjana is located at the south of the island and it has a pretty easy access. This cove has crystal clear water and it is really popular among people who love adrenaline. Here there is a big 10 meters jump that is famous, and the good thing is that the water is so transparent that you will always see what is at the bottom. People love to take the risk and jump here, enjoying the beauty of the cove. Close to this cove is Cala Mitjaneta, a little cove that is not so popular and therefore more private.

Cala Mondragó

If you want to be around people and have all the services available, great hotels and restaurants, then you need to go to Cala Mondragó. This is located between Porto Petro and Cala Figuera, in the National Park Mondragón and it has in it 4 different coves that you can explore. In the summer this place is crowded and people really love it, therefore, it can be a little bit difficult to find a spot to anchor here. If you want to anchor, we recommend using 4 to 8 meters.

Cala Coves

This is a virgin area that is the most untouched, therefore the natural beauty of this cove will truly hypnotize you. Located between Morro de Llevant and de Ponent, Coves has a zig-zag entrance and a rocky seabed that can be challenging. Also, there is a lot of S-SO wind that is needed to be aware of, so we recommend you to be careful. However, the experience of this cove is unbelievable and we can guarantee that will be a treat for the eyes and soul.

Cala Turqueta

This is probably one of the most popular coves in Menorca. In the summer, a lot of tourists go here and have a lot of fun. It is a small cove surrounded by different cliffs, white sand, and turquoise water that are great for practicing diving. Actually, the name is due to its turquoise beautiful waters. Here you will find different services and the city is just at 10 km, so you can explore more of the city if you want it too.

Menorca coves

All of the coves that we mention here have specific characteristics to each one. Some of them are very popular, and therefore, if you go in the summer you will find a lot of people. Others are not so well-known, so if you go you can have some nice time alone with your family and friends. Also, all the coves have important services around and you can enjoy luxurious places like hotels and restaurants there. Definitely, an island that is worth the time to visit and it will give you an incredible experience in vacations. No matter what cove you go, we recommend you to take your time to visit different ones and explore the island.

We hope that this list of the best coves to anchor in Menorca will help to make your holidays unforgettable. More info about Menorca>> or see yachts for charter in Menorca>>

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