top marinas in ibiza

Top marinas in Ibiza

The island is full with marinas, but in this post we will tell you which marinas are the main ones.

On this post you will find all the information you need about the top marinas in Ibiza. If we talk about the Balearic Islands, we could say Ibiza is the one where you go when you want a nice time, the island is characterized for its gorgeous beaches, white sand, incredible restaurants and life changing parties, but also for being attractive for sailors.

There is no doubt that the best way to explore the island, the caves, and every corner with its turquoise water is with a boat. You will have the freedom to go anywhere you want, stay there for as long as you want, move around from one place to another easily, enjoy the sunset and a lot more. So, if you are planning a trip to Ibiza on a boat to explore the island, you will need information about the marinas.

The island is full with marinas, but in this post we will tell you which marinas are the main ones.

The best marinas in Ibiza

There are different places where you can dock in Ibiza, but some of them offer more comfort and accessibility than others. Take a look at this list of the best marinas in Ibiza:

Marina Botafoch

marina botafoch top marinas ibizaLet’s start with Ibiza town’s Marina Botafoch that is located on Juan Carlos I Promenade at the end of the seafront. This port is well known for being a little bit exclusive and a lot of stars has been spotted in here.

If you go there you will find the same high quality treatment and several nautical services at your disposal, like a petrol station, refit and repairs, weather report, boatyard and so much more. Also, nearby you have the commercial area where you can shop for designer clothes and souvenirs. Then, you can lunch in awarded restaurants or take a few drinks in incredible bars with live shows.

The Marina Botafoch has 428 berths that goes from 6 up to 30 meters.  

Ibiza Magna

ibiza magna yachts berthLocated on the foot of the Old Town,  Ibiza magna is one of the most exclusive and luxurious ports. This is the marina where a lot of super stars and celebrities decide to dock, so it is also considered a prestigious club where people go to socialize.

In this port you will find incredible bars and restaurants, and other important services like navigation assistance, banks, 24 hours supervision and so much more. Also, nearby you will find great hotels to stay and even aquatics gyms to stay in shape. It is a great marina to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable time.

Ibiza magna has 85 moorings that goes for a maximum of 60 meters length and a maximum of 10 meters depth. In high seasons rates goes up, so for a 30 meters yacht you can pay around €800/ day, and for 60 meters yacht it can go up to €2800. More info>>

Marina Santa Eulalia

santa eulalia marinas in ibizaOne of the most important and biggest marina is the Puerto de Santa Eulalia, located on the town of Santa Eulalia, just 15 km away from Ibiza. It is a great place to dock if you are looking for some maintenance work, paintings, repairing and cleaning. Also, you will find  petrol station, port captain, local market, banks, and so much more. This combination makes this port one of the most complete and functional.

Nearby you will find gorgeous beaches, commercial areas where you can go shopping, incredible restaurants, cafeterias, bars with live shows, and great hotels. Also, on your way to the marina, you can spot and enjoy wonderful caves and beaches that will enchanted you with their impressive beauty.

The Puerto de Santa Eulalia offers 755 berths that goes up to maximum 22 meters length and maximum 5 meters draft. More info>>

Nautic de Sant Antoni

port sant antoniThe Club Nàutic Sant Antoni is another important port in Ibiza. Located on the town of Saint Antoni, just 15 km away from Ibiza. Not only you will find all the commodities you will need because it is really close to the town Centre, but also incredible beaches all around (Playa Cala Salada or Playa Cala Bassa), and great night parties to have fun.

In this port you will have maintenance services, laundry services, WiFi, direct fuel access on some berths, special berths for catamarans, and so much more. Also, nearby you can find a lot of night clubs and restaurants where you can enjoy the sunset, have some drinks and relax.

The Club Nàutic Sant Antoni offers 578 berths, that goes up to maximum 25 meters length and maximum 5 meters draft. More info>>

Sovren Ibiza

marina sovren ibizaOne of the newest ports is Sovren Ibiza that opened in 2017. It is well known for their exclusivity, huge range of commodities and impeccable high quality service. It was previously a ferry port, but now it is one of the favorite places for professionals and enthusiastic sailors all year around, especially for superyacht and megayacht owners.

In this marina you can enjoy different services, like supervision 24 hours through CCTV, dock assistance, private jet and helicopter service, private transport, parking, sewage pumping, patrol service and general assistance. It is a place where you can find help if you need it, with all the comfort and luxury you want.

In this port you can find great restaurants and bars around where you can relax and socialize, participate on water sports and keep track of the newest nautical technologies.

The Sovren Ibiza marina offers 16 berths superyacht or megayachts that can go from 60 up to 185 meters. More info>>


There is no doubts that once you get into one of the top marinas in Ibiza, you will find all the comfort you are looking for. Not only are all of these places great for docking, but they are also a great location to enjoy the surroundings and to explore the island. Our yachts in Ibiza>>


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