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Top routes to sail around Mallorca

Paradisiacal beaches, white sand, and crystal clear water of Mallorca make it a place full of charm and incomparable beauty...

If you are thinking of a dreamed vacation and you are passionate about sailing, this article is for you. You will get to know the top routes to sail in Mallorca. This island has everything you can imagine, this phrase is popular among Mallorcans who feel really proud of the natural beauty of their island. And for those people who have visited the island, it is also true.

best routes for sail in mallorca from andratx to formentorRoute 1: From Andratx to Cape Formentor

We could say that it is the top route to sail around Mallorca as it is of unquestionable beauty. This Mallorca area is located to the northwest of the island, and it is the ideal place to enjoy a day’s sailing. There are places that can only be seen from a boat because they are unreached by land. That’s why many sceneries that you visit will be uninhabited and virgin like nowhere else.

The imposing Tramontana Mountain range and the turquoise waters are the two main issues that you will find in this journey. The coast of Tramontana, the small Islet of Dragonera and the Port of Soller are just some of the most incredible points that you will be able to visit. We are aware that this route may be too long for you, however, we recommend you to become part of it. You will make the most of this route if you choose a luxury motor yacht to be more comfortable during this amazing trip.

from formentor to llevant natural parkRoute 2: From Alcudia to Llevant Natural Park

In our journey through the top routes to sail around Mallorca, we arrive at the beautiful natural park of the Llevant. To see the coast that surrounds this peninsula is something that you can’t miss. Start this route from Puerto Alcudia, depending on the time you have, you will border more or less the bay of Alcudia.

If you have hours to spare, we advise you to pay special attention to Can Picafort and the Necropolis of Son Real, places that add beauty by contemplating them from the sea. If you continue bordering the coast, you will cross some virgin and paradisiacal beaches, and taking a bath is mandatory. Fishing villages such as Colonia de Sant Pere and outstanding areas such as Betlem will be other sites that you will discover in a different way from the sea.

After contemplating these areas, you will arrive at Es Calo, with a set of coves with clear waters. This area is ideal for snorkeling! After these views, it will be time to arrive at the Llevant Natural Park. Here, you can contemplate imposing cliffs and sea caves that will dazzle you with their amazing beauty.

cabrear national park best routes navegation mallorcaRoute 3: Island of Cabrera

The National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago is also a very advisable sailing point; ask for it if you choose sailing holiday in Mallorca. Although this place stands out for the great richness of its seabed, the navigation in this enclave is also impressive due to the impeccable grandeur that shows the place when you see it from a boat. Undoubtedly, it is one of the top navigation routes in Mallorca.



sailing in pollensa bay

Route 4: Pollensa Bay

If you chose a sailing holidays in Mallorca, you will lose all its charm if you do not visit the bay of Pollensa which is one of the most beautiful in the place.  This is undoubtedly another of the best routes to sail around Mallorca.

Here, you will be able to have fun on incredible beaches and coastal places. One option is to start by contemplating the Peninsula Victoria. Then, the area of Mal Pas and Bonaire will show you the unquestionable beauty of this bay. Other areas that you will have the pleasure of discovering are Formentor cape, Murta cove and, of course, Formentor beach. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful ones on the route.

route 5 from mallorca to west coast menorcaRoute 5: From north coast of Mallorca to west coast of Menorca

It is one of the most recommended routes on this list. It consists of crossing from the north of Mallorca to the west coast of Menorca in which numerous virgin and natural places that will surprise you. After the crossing the starting point is Ciudadela and, from there, you will have to border the coastline towards the south. So, if you are visiting Mallorca we recommend you to sail from Mallorca to the west coast of Menorca.

The first part of the route will be highlighted by the cliffs of the area. Once you are in the southern part of the island, the coves and paradisiacal beaches will begin to appear. We highlight three of them that you will love: Son Saura, Cala en Turqueta and Cala Macarella.

What do you need to rent a boat in Mallorca?

For a bareboat charter you will be asked for a sailing license. In general, the most required license in Spain to rent a boat is the PER (Skipper of pleasure craft). We advise you to be well informed of the requirements before you proceed with the booking.

But if you do not have so much experience and license, is not a problem, the best thing you can do is to ask for a crewed charter. They will take care of everything and you will only have to worry about enjoying the trip through the best sailing routes in Mallorca.

Latest seafarers’ indications

As a final point, we want to give you some meteorological indications of Mallorca. Its climate is pleasant with mild temperatures. In winter, storms are frequent. The best months for sailing through these routes are here from April to October. The predominant wind on the island is the Tramontana and comes from the north. In addition, a local thermal wind blows from April to October almost daily during the central hours of the day, the Mallorcan sailors call this “embat” which delight sailors.

We hope that this list of the best routes to sail around Mallorca will make your holidays unforgettable. See our yachts for charter in Mallorca click here>>


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