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Top tips for maintaining a boat

In order to enjoy a boat for a longer time, it is necessary to carry out the correct maintenance of your boat.

Having a boat is a source of joy, the freedom of being at the sea and being able to visit different places that previously seemed inaccessible is exciting. Excursions with family and friends become part of the routine. But in order to enjoy all this for a longer time, it is necessary to carry out the correct maintenance of your boat.

To help you with this mission, we have prepared the best tips for maintaining your boat. These tips will be useful if you´re boat owner even if you are on vacation and need to rent a boat.

1.   Read the manual and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Many people don’t like to read instruction manuals; in fact, reading is not the most enjoyable thing for some people. But, it’s important to understand the specific characteristics of your boat. By doing so, you will know details about it. Some boats require specific care which may vary compared to other models. For this reason, we can say that reading the manufacturer’s guidelines is the main advice for the maintenance of a boat.

2.   Beware of the boat’s engine

engine maintenance boats and yachtsThe following recommendation has to do with the heart of the ship: the engine. Do not leave fuel in the engine for long periods of time. The time should not exceed 30 days. In this way, you will avoid possible damage to the engine of the boat.

Another important issue is to not leave the engine off for a long time. Get used to turning it on at least every 15 days. If you are not near the boat periodically, make arrangements with someone who can do this for you.

3.   Cleanliness is vital

Cleaning well is an essential point. However, many doubts can arise at the time of cleaning. You may be wondering what materials or products to use, or you may be worried about how to polish particular areas of the boat. At this point, it is very important to make the right decisions, as some products can damage the boat.

Do not use soap powder to clean, it is not indicated because its components can cause stains on the body of the boat. You will also have to avoid the use of abrasive materials, such as metal sponges, they can cause scratches and other damages.

Cleaning products such as solvents are also a problem. The hull of boats has protection called “gel coat”, and when you use this type of product, the protection is damaged. To avoid these problems, always use cleaning items developed exclusively for boats. Remember to follow these recommendations to avoid any damage due to the use of wrong cleaning products. Know more about boat cleaning products >>

4.   Performs preventive inspections

Another of the best tips for the maintenance of a boat that we can mention is the preventive reviews. Having the discipline to do these checks can be difficult, but it is crucial to keep a boat. The recommended time for preventive checks is maximun every 6 months.

These types of checks are important to identify a problem that may go unnoticed by you. You will avoid major expenses in the future. Have you ever thought about combining that long-awaited tour with your family and friends and staying on the dock because you haven’t identified a problem before? By doing preventative reviews to the boat, you won’t have this concern.

5. Wash your boat every time you use it

best tip for maintaining a boatYou should not think if the boat is in frequent contact with water it should not be washed. In fact, it is just the opposite. That’s why in this top tips for the maintenance of a boat we tell you: whenever you sail you should wash the boat with fresh water. The reason is simple: seawater salts can damage your boat’s components, especially metal ones. A quick wash with fresh water should be enough to avoid salt damage.


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